How many people speak norwegian language

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map_norwayIt very hard to count exactly how many people speak norwegian language. Some people use norwegian actively, some of them just understand it passively. Norwegian surely is widely spoken primarily in Scandinavia, but there’re also thousands of norwegians outside Norway. Emigrants and their descendants make the main part of norwegian speaking people all over the world. There are about 4 million norwegian speaking people in Norway and about a million outside it.

While counting how many people worldwide speak norwegian, we should make a difference between those who speak that language as a first and those, who learn it in school of courses. There also lots of bilingual pairs living in Norway and outside it. Norwegian emigrants living all over the world obviously trying to learn their children their mother tongue, but this is the blind-alley for the language. Children of their children probably won’t speak norwegian language because there will be no need in it.

On the other side we should count student, which start to learn Norwegian in Russia, North America, Finland and other countries. Norwegian is taught in hundreds of schools, colleges and universities not only in Europe.

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