Love phrases in norwegian

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romantic norwegianLove phrases in norwegian are not hard to learn. One should pay more attentiong, where and how you use those phrases. When using romantic phrases in norwegian in inappropriate way, you can cause misunderstanding, so think before you speak! :)

The best way of saying “I love you” in norwegian is to say “Jeg elsker deg”. This phrase means you have serious feeling to your opponent (girlfriend, boyfriend). I guess “jeg elsker deg” is even more serious and stronger than merely “I love you” in english, keep it in mind. If you really love your girl (-boy), you can also say “Du betyr så mye for meg” ( = You mean so much to me). When you’re in love, you surely need to learn the phrase “Jeg savner deg”, which means “I miss you”. After being apart for a long time you can also say “Jeg har savnet deg” ( =” I’ve missed you”).

When you love is so hot, and you can’t even breathe withour your sweetheart, you should learn very romantic phrase ” Jeg lengter etter deg”, which means “I long for you”

There are more ways of saying that you just like a girl or a boy in norwegian, for example:

Du er søt = You’re cute. Don’t use that phrase to date with somebody. You’ll fail! :)

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