Why learn languages?

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When you ask people, wheather they need to know a foreign language, the major of them would answer no. A lot of people are fine without knowing any foreign language at all, they simply don’t need it. They can also say that the most important and well-known literature are already translated into english and the other part, which was not translated has not so much importance.

I think when you want to know, if you really need to know a foreign language, you should rather talk to somebody, who knows more than one foreign language. Why? It is a little bit strange to talk about learning foreign language with a man who can speak only his mother tongue.

So what are the most valuable advantages of knowing foreign languages?

  1. Broaden the number of your information sources. When you know one more language, you can use all the heritage of that language: literature, news, tutorials etc.
  2. Knowing a laguages makes possible to see films in original, without dubbing. Just imagine that you hear the original voices of the actors. You can also hear some phrases (often spoken or dirty talking) which are usually left untranslated.
  3. Music, songs. Do you really want to know, what are they singing about?
  4. New friends. A lot of people who started to learn a foreign language noticed that they started to see that there are so many foreigner around! Nice source of new dates, isn’t it? :)

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