Is norwegian language hard to learn?

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studentIf you’re wondering, how difficult is to study Norwegian language, it’s almost 100% certain that you want to learn this language, but you’re afraid of starting to learn it. There’s really no reason to be afraid of starting learning some new things. I guess, you have good motivation :)

Internet resources for learning norwegian
Some experts estimate the difficulty of learning a foreign language in terms of availability of learning materials. It means

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, we need to see whether you have enough textbooks, dictionaries and manuals for learning the language. In the case of a Norwegian, things could not be better. On the Internet there are lots of sites dedicated to the Norwegian language. If you already have an average level of proficiency, you can always appeal to the Norwegian study groups on Facebook

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, or ask questions on Internet forums. Norwegians are very sociable and friendly people. You can easily get new friends and your fear of the new language very quickly disappear.

How many words do I need to learn?
The exact answer to the question of how many words you need to know to understand simple phrases and texts have no answer. Of course, you should first learn the most common words to begin to understand the general meaning of the text.  Swadesh list will help you most, it includes the most popular basic words in Norwegian.

For whom norwegian language is difficult to learn
If your native language is not German or Swedish, prepare to learn norwegian from the very beginning. Do not worry, your persistence and hard work will soon yield results. The Norwegian language will be hard to learn and for those people, who have never studied any foreign languages before. If you do not have regular access to the Internet, your progress is likely to be too slow, but if you study norwegian using books, and you have a tutor, then you can use the Internet rarely, for example, to communicate in forums or for reading news and simple texts.

For whom Norwegian is easier
If your native language belongs to Germanic language group (Danish, Dutch, German, Swedish), then you’ll find Norwegian easier to understand and to learn. You will find a huge number of similar roots and at the initial stage you’ll understand a lot of words and texts in norwegian.

How many people speak norwegian language

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map_norwayIt very hard to count exactly how many people speak norwegian language. Some people use norwegian actively

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, some of them just understand it passively. Norwegian surely is widely spoken primarily in Scandinavia, but there’re also thousands of norwegians outside Norway. Emigrants and their descendants make the main part of norwegian speaking people all over the world. There are about 4 million norwegian speaking people in Norway and about a million outside it.

While counting how many people worldwide speak norwegian, we should make a difference between those who speak that language as a first and those, who learn it in school of courses. There also lots of bilingual pairs living in Norway and outside it. Norwegian emigrants living all over the world obviously trying to learn their children their mother tongue

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, but this is the blind-alley for the language. Children of their children probably won’t speak norwegian language because there will be no need in it.

On the other side we should count student, which start to learn Norwegian in Russia, North America, Finland and other countries. Norwegian is taught in hundreds of schools, colleges and universities not only in Europe.

Love phrases in norwegian

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romantic norwegianLove phrases in norwegian are not hard to learn. One should pay more attentiong, where and how you use those phrases. When using romantic phrases in norwegian in inappropriate way, you can cause misunderstanding, so think before you speak! :)

The best way of saying “I love you” in norwegian is to say “Jeg elsker deg”. This phrase means you have serious feeling to your opponent (girlfriend

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, boyfriend). I guess “jeg elsker deg” is even more serious and stronger than merely “I love you” in english, keep it in mind. If you really love your girl (-boy), you can also say “Du betyr så mye for meg” ( = You mean so much to me). When you’re in love, you surely need to learn the phrase “Jeg savner deg”, which means “I miss you”. After being apart for a long time you can also say “Jeg har savnet deg” ( =” I’ve missed you”).

When you love is so hot, and you can’t even breathe withour your sweetheart, you should learn very romantic phrase ” Jeg lengter etter deg”, which means “I long for you”

There are more ways of saying that you just like a girl or a boy in norwegian, for example:

Du er søt = You’re cute. Don’t use that phrase to date with somebody. You’ll fail! :)

Facebook norwegian language groups

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fbWhile looking for a group where you can find people which could help you in learning norwegian language
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, you should check these groups up on Facebook. I don’t know, if it could be better to start chatting in forums related to learning norwegian, but from my point of view, social networking sites are one of the best places to find folks who are ready to answer your questions. Frankly speaking, I don’t know, how many native speakers of norwegian language are in those groups, but you can check it yourself.

There are those groups:

If you think there’re no interesting groups listed, you can try to create your own one. Remember, you should collect interesting material and invite a lot of facebook members in your group to meet success.

Which form of norwegian to learn: Bokmål or Nynorsk?

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Learning of every language is related to learning the culture of a countries where the language is spoken. Then students learn a little about a history of a language as well. So

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, you already know something about two official forms of norwegian language: its written forms Bokmål and Nynorsk. People are free to choose, which form they could speak. When we look to the history, we can find that Bokmål is based on danish language. A group of people decided to opposite Bokmål and then they created Nynorsk. Nynorsk is based on different norwegian dialects

, and it seems to be more “pure” form of norwegian language than Bokmål. Actually danish language is very similar to Bokmål.

So when starting to learn norwegian you should know that there are two forms of norwegian. Don’t ask which language should you learn: Nynorks of Bokmål, because there’s still one language — norwegian and you only choose whay form do you want to learn more. In normal life you will meet both of them. When you have an aim to learn spoken norwegian, keep in mind that Nynorsk is widely spoken in Western and Southern Norway, while Bokmål is mostly used in Eastern Norway (especially in the Oslo and its areas). Read more »

Swadesh list for norwegian language

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Swadesh list is a vocabulary list of “basic” meanings. This list was developed by Morris Swadesh in late 50’s. Here you can find Swadesh list for norwegian language in different formats.

Choose propriate format to download (right-click and choose “Save as..”):

Read more »

Why learn languages?

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When you ask people, wheather they need to know a foreign language, the major of them would answer no. A lot of people are fine without knowing any foreign language at all, they simply don’t need it. They can also say that the most important and well-known literature are already translated into english and the other part, which was not translated has not so much importance.

I think when you want to know, if you really need to know a foreign language, you should rather talk to somebody, who knows more than one foreign language. Why? It is a little bit strange to talk about learning foreign language with a man who can speak only his mother tongue.

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